Finding the ideal office or retail location is a multifaceted endeavor. Determining whether or not the space you currently occupy is serving your near- or long-term needs requires big-picture thinking and a granular analysis of details.


Situational analysis and strategic planning

Identification of consolidation and cost reduction opportunities

Relocation advice and guidance

Incentives identification and negotiation

Site selection

Lease negotiation and renewal

Sublease and disposition strategies

Financial analysis and reporting

Lease abstracting and data management services



From multi-level marketing campaigns for well-positioned, high-performing assets to strategic repositioning of under-performing assets, we provide professional services that enable landlords to realize the highest value for their office, hospitality, or retail properties.

We call on our deep understanding of current market trends, reach out to our established network of relationships, and source our industry-leading digital platform to put our clients’ properties in front of the tenants who will value them most. Ultimately, we negotiate lease terms that maximize asset value while promoting tenant retention.

Property and competitive

market analysis

Expense analysis,

budgeting, and


Property positioning

/ repositioning

Renovation consultation

Tenant recommendations

Targeted digital marketing and direct canvassing

Broker-to-broker marketing

Lease negotiation and renewal

Lease administration



For private, corporate, and institutional investors, the acquisition or disposition of an investment-grade property or portfolios of properties is an opportunity to advance immediate and long-term business and financial objectives.

We create research-driven strategies that are focused on maximizing the upside potential of every transaction from office and residential properties to retail properties and raw land. Clients benefit from our well-established network of relationships, which gives us access to off-market deals as well as knowledge of buyers who are discretely pursuing specific transactions.

Acquisition and

disposition strategies

Development of custom digital and print marketing materials

Posicionamiento / reposicionamiento de propiedades

Property positioning / repositioning

Competitive market

research and analysis

Public relations

Valuation analysis and financial modeling

Transaction due diligence and negotiations