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  • Urbanized areas with business towers, luxury condos, rooftop bars and top restaurants on the bay make this an oasis to live and work

  • Access to the metrorail 

  • An ideal place to walk to and from work and home

  • Tourism attractive areas that provide luxury living, entertainment, international financial institutions and malls

  • Chic and attractive areas due to points of interest

  • Stable investment opportunities with long term appreciation

  • Foreign investment advantage for clients looking to diversify their real estate portfolio

Little Havana

  • Vibrant area with a broad investment opportunity 

  • Culturally diverse areas that provide a taste of the real Miami through experiences such as live music, local food and scenic streets

  • Neighborhoods that provide modern living, entertainment, banks and local shops

  • Stable investment opportunities with mid-term appreciation

  • Multi-family buildings that promise average annual retuns

  • A better opportunity for foreign and local investors who have more experience within the local real estate market

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Brickell / Downtown / Midtown

  • New hot spot for development with a lot of potential to grow

  • Up and coming neighborhood that provides housing, local commerce, proximity to major hospitals and airport.

  • Investment with gradual risk with optimal appreciation in a short and medium time frame

  • Return of investment above the annual average on multi-family buildings and land

  • Great option for foreign and local investors that have established experience in real estate investment.


Wynwood/Design District

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  • Almost fully developed areas

  • Hot spot for living, entertainment, art and commerce in luxury brands

  • Tourist attraction area due to the trending points of interest such as upscale stores, architecture, restaurants and events during the year

  • Stable investment in the long-term view

  • Low annual return on luxury units and lots that can be intended for flipping purposes in the long run

  • Great area for investors who want to diversify their portfolios in the real estate market 

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